Resusci Anne QCPR-oppgraderingssett

EAN-kode: 171-15000 Artikkelnr.: 1698

Oppgrader din Resusci Anne QCPR treningsdukke raskt og enkelt med dette settet. Tilgjengelig for alle Resusci Anne treningsdukker produsert etter 2013.

PrisNOK7 498,75 inkl. mva.


Laerdal's Resusci Anne® QCPR Upgrade Kit helps Resusci Anne users easily refresh their manikin with new technology, features, a rechargeable battery, and more.

The new electronics will improve feedback device connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy and enable the use of Laerdal's QCPR apps for smartphones and tablets.

The QCPR upgrade kits are also available in a  QCPR AED version.

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What can be upgraded?

All Resusci Anne QCPR and Resusci Anne First Aid manikins manufactured since 2013 can be upgraded. Older Resusci Anne manikins do not have a design that fit with the upgrade kits.

How to identify an upgradable Resusci Anne QCPR manikin?